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Construction Revolution: What is BIM and How Can It Help Your Projects?​

In the construction industry, technological development is now essential, and one of the most exciting innovations is BIM, or Building Information Modeling. But what does this concept entail, and how can it be beneficial in everyday construction projects?

What is BIM?​

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is not just a simple three-dimensional building model. It is actually a structured collection of the virtual equivalents of the real building elements necessary for the construction of a building. Therefore, it is not just a software solution or process, but a real digital prototype that includes intelligent representations of walls, columns, windows, doors, stairs, and other building elements.

How Can BIM Help in Design?​

BIM is not just a static model, but a dynamic tool that helps designers in their decision-making. Besides three-dimensional visualization, it creates opportunities for easy comparison of different plans. This makes it easier to sell the plans to clients, the local community, or decision-makers.

Change Management and Data Handling​

The BIM model stores all data in a central location, so changes in the plans are automatically updated in every model view, including floor plans, sections, and elevations. This not only speeds up plan documentation but also makes it more precise due to the automatic coordination of different views.

The data doesn’t only include architectural information; it extends to environmental energy data and other characteristics. This enables the virtual simulation of the building’s operation even before actual construction begins.

The Building's Entire Lifecycle​

BIM is not just a design and construction tool but can be used throughout the building’s entire lifecycle. Information needed for construction scheduling or cost estimates can be easily extracted at any design phase. The result? Significant reduction in the building’s operating costs.

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The goal is to take pictures of the given object with the help of drones. There are two ways to do this, depending on the task: planned and manual flight.

Sparse and Dense Point Cloud

The software examines the imported images, compares the images, and searches for identical points between them. The result of this is the sparse point cloud seen in the second image, also known as the set of junction points.

3D Modeling

The usability of the completed 3D model is limited only by the imagination.

You can view our 3D models through the following link.

Advantages of Drone Surveying


Faster Workflow

No need for terrain arrangement or clearing obstacles! Any area can be approached from the air. Our modern equipment also enables really fast data analysis.


Accurate Recording

We digitize with millimeter accuracy. Often, inaccuracies that are not visible to the naked eye are revealed by our measurements. Details do not remain hidden from us!


Satisfied Clients

We increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize risks. The number of our clients is growing day by day. You can be one of them too!

Budapest Panorama

The objective was to digitalize and model the entire riverside from the Gellért Hotel to the Castle Tunnel. Our task was to fully represent the long stretch of road: the landscape and the buildings needed to be displayed in all their glory.


We created the grand Budapest panorama for creative purposes and museum presentations.


Hungary, Budapest


Field Drone Footage

10 days


20 days

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Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Surveys

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Surface Model and Elevation Contours

Creative Documentation

Digital Surface and Terrain Modeling, Contour Mapping

Advantages of Our Services


Streamlining of Work Processes

Transparent Data Structure

Productivity Enhancement

Efficiency Improvement

Predictability in Planning

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